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Srivari Ananyaa offers great investment prospects for Non-Resident Indians. The first and foremost advantage is the strategic location of the property on Thaneerpandal Road, and its proximity to the bustling Avinashi Road. Coimbatore has emerged in the recent times as an investment friendly location in the Indian real estate market. Good commercial and retail development, connectivity are the factors that boost the investment value of the location. On all the counts Srivari Ananyaa works as a favorable investment option for NRIs.

Frequently Asked Questions by NRIs:

Who is considered as an NRI (Non-Resident Indian)?

An Indian Citizen who stays abroad for employment/ carrying on business or vacation outside India or stays abroad under circumstances indicating an intention for an uncertain duration of stay abroad is a Non-Resident. ( persons posted in U.N. organizations and officials deputed abroad by Central/ State Government and Public Sector Undertakings on temporary assignments are also treated as non-resident) Non-Resident foreign citizens of Indian Origin are treated on par with non-resident Indian citizens. (Source: http://www.welcome-nri.com)

Do non-resident Indians require the permission of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to purchase residential/commercial property in India?


Can the property be purchased via a Power of Attorney?

Yes, but the Power of Attorney must be executed on stamp paper before the proper authorities overseas. The Power of Attorney cannot be executed with stamp paper bought in India.

Is NRI allowed to take a loan against the security of immovable property?

Yes. But, there are certain rules and regulations which they need to abide.

Are NRIs allowed to obtain an immovable property in India by way of gift?

Yes. NRIs are allowed to obtain an immovable property in India by way of gift from the following:
• Non-Resident Indian
• A citizen of India
• A person of Indian origin
This is only applicable in case of commercial and residential properties. Agricultural land or plantation property are not permitted to be obtained.

Can an NRI rent out his property purchased in India?